Snowboard Boot Salomon Men’s Launch 2017 / 2018, Blue

Snowboard Boot Salomon Men's Launch Boots 2017 / 2018, Blue

Snowboard Boot Salomon Men’s Launch Boots 2017, 2018, Blue. As most freestyle focussed boot in Salomon range Launch delivers a progressive and playful ride making it perfect choice for any rider who wants to turn mountain into a playground. However, just calling it a freestyle boot would do it a massive disservice, because Launch is a whole lot more than thatthanks to its combination of traditional lace upper and more importantly[…]

Women's Snowboard Boot Salomon Ivy Boa Str8jkt Boots 2017 / 2018, Black

Women’s Snowboard Boot Salomon Ivy Boa Str8jkt Boots 2017, 2018, Black. Combining comfort, response and easy closure all-terrain Ivy Boa is perfect choice for recreational riders who want to ride everything on mountain. Utilising a combination of single Boa closure and Salomon’s state of art Str8Jkt heel retention Ivy Boa delivers a level of control and response that you don’t normally associate with a more mid flexing bootthat it does this whi[…]

Women's Snowboard Boot Salomon Kiana Boots 2017 / 2018, Brown

Women’s Snowboard Boot Salomon Kiana Boots 2017, 2018, Brown. If you’re one of those riders that really likes to push yourself. Then Salomon’s Kiana might just be ideal boot for you. Built to deliver a responsive and dynamic ride, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to hit up absolutely everything on mountain. Stiff enough to let you really push hard on piste and in pow, but also retaining enough freestyle DNA to still deliver great performance in[…]

Snowboard Boot Salomon Men's Lo-Fi Boots 2020, Black, Tango Red, Beluga

Snowboard boot salomon men’s lo-fi boots 2020, black, tango red, beluga. designed from ground up to push boundaries of snowboard boot design and manufacturing lo-fi rewrites rule book on snowboard boot performance. aimed squarely at more freestyle focussed all-terrain rider, this stunning boot delivers a level of control, response and feel that has to be experienced to be believed. heading up this game-changing boot is advanced mutation shell,[…]

Snowboard Boot Salomon Men's Dialogue Focus Double Boa Boots 2020, Black

Snowboard boot salomon men’s dialogue focus double boa boots 2020, black. dual boa closure version of salomons iconic dialogue takes same class leading all-terrain performance of best selling lace-up version but steps up fit a notch with addition of dual zone boa. with complete zonal control over laces dialogue allows you to independently control tension in both upper and lower halves of boot. combine this level of custom fit wit[…]

Snowboard Boot Salomon Men's Launch Lace Str8 Jkt Boots 2020, White

Snowboard boot salomon men’s launch lace str8 jkt boots 2020, white. launch lace str8jkt has firmly cemented itself a reputation as being one of most advanced freestyle boots on market. combining both traditional and modern boot design and construction, salomon has created a stunning boot that not only delivers ultimate in freestyle mobility but one which also provides a level of all-terrain performance that would shame many an all-terrain specific[…]