Freeride Ski K2 Men’s Mindbender 99Ti Freeride Skis 2020,

Freeride Ski K2 Men's Mindbender 99Ti Freeride Skis 2020,

Freeride Ski K2 Men’s Mindbender 99Ti Freeride Skis 2020. For its relatively wide dimensions and burly design Mindbender 99 Ti is surprisingly quick and agile, a perfect match for powerful and adventurous skiers. Torsion Control Design reduces torsional flex at speed so that. They have almost GS levels of grip on hard pack but at nearly 100mm. Theyve got unshakeable stability. Ti Y-Beam and Powerwall construction add a level of forgiveness[…]

Freeride Ski K2 Men's Mindbender 90Ti Freeride Skis 2020,

Freeride Ski K2 Men’s Mindbender 90Ti Freeride Skis 2020. K2s Mindbender 90 Ti is our Overall Ski of Year. Its a fun all-terrain ripper that takes it influence from wider skis. Never hard to use but not lacking in performance ei. Ther, its as happy blasting carves on groomers as it is hounding out powder stashes. Torsion Control Design coupled with a Powerwall Construction and a Ti Y-beam provides control and edge grip by stopping skis twisting[…]

Women's Freeride Ski K2 Mindbender 88Ti Alliance Freeride Skis 2020,

Women’s Freeride Ski K2 Mindbender 88Ti Alliance Freeride Skis 2020. Strong female skiers looking for a ski that will perform in all conditions need to consider new Mindbender 88Ti. A Ti Y-Beam and tuned Correct Flex core deliver power and grip to edges for control on hard snow but keep overall flex forgiving and smooth for tricky terrain. At 88mm under foot. They are agile on piste but have ample float if you want to explore; All Terrain Rocker ensu[…]

Freeride Ski Kastle Men's FX95HP Freeride Skis,

Freeride Ski Kastle Men’s FX95HP Freeride Skis. HP stands for High Performance and its easy to see why. This is a tweaked version of standard FX95, with an additional two sheets of titanal for extra stability, its ideal for skiers who want to push limits. Hollowtech 2.0 at tip reduces weight and aids precision; Semi-Cap Sandwich Sidewall protects ski and increases power transmission. Hook Free Shovel and Tail move contact po[…]

Freeride Ski Kastle Men's FX96 HP Freeride Skis 2021,

Freeride Ski Kastle Men’s FX96 HP Freeride Skis 2021. Kastles FX 96 HP is a freeride option with no compromises in its construction. ATri3 full woodcore is wound in a carbon and fibreglass jacket to produce power and thrilling grip. Hollow Tech 3.0 reduces swing weight in tip to improve manoeuvrability; Hook Free tip and tail make what is a burly ski more forgiving and easier to handle. HP stands for high performance and Kastle have hit t[…]

Freeride Ski Nordica Men's enforcer 93 Freeride Skis 2020,

Freeride Ski Nordica Men’s enforcer 93 Freeride Skis 2020. 93 shares same punchy construction as wider models in enforcer family, so you know that edge hold and drive from ski are top notch. However, its slimmed down 93mm waist means its better at quicker, snappier turns for piste or harder snow. Thanks to unchanged sidecut and nose profile it keeps all abilities of a proper freeride ski with excellent stability and smooth fl[…]